Anchorage Travel Guide

Nestled between the Chugach Mountains and Cook Inlet, Anchorage combines urban living with untamed nature. Its history dates back to 1914, now a cultural hub with museums, indigenous heritage centers, and vibrant arts. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore Chugach State Park, enjoy the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, and witness wildlife along the way. The culinary scene offers fresh seafood, and the city hosts festivals like Fur Rendezvous and the ceremonial start of the Iditarod.. Anchorage is a gateway to Alaska’s interior via the Alaska Railroad and George Parks Highway. With modern amenities and a deep connection to indigenous culture, our Anchorage travel guide outlines some of the highlights of this captivating destination in the Last Frontier.

Restaurants in Anchorage

  • Simon & Seaforts: Known for its stunning views of the city and the Chugach Mountains, this upscale restaurant offers a diverse menu with a focus on seafood and steaks.
  • Orso: A chic and inviting restaurant serving contemporary American cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. Their menu features fresh seafood, pasta, and a fine selection of wines.
  • Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzaria: A local favorite, Moose’s Tooth offers a variety of creative pizzas and craft beers in a fun and casual atmosphere.
  • Glacier Brewhouse:  A hidden gem with a cozy atmosphere, in-house brewery, focusing on local and seasonal ingredients.
  • Snow City Cafe: A popular spot for breakfast and brunch, Snow City Cafe offers a diverse menu featuring Alaskan ingredients, including their famous eggs Benedict and creative omelets.

Accommodations in Anchorage

  • Hotel Captain Cook: A luxurious downtown hotel offering elegant accommodations, fine dining, and stunning views of the Chugach Mountains and Cook Inlet.
  • The Lakefront Anchorage: Located on the shores of Lake Hood, it provides comfortable rooms, great dining options, and easy access to floatplane tours.
  • Anchorage Marriott Downtown: Situated in the heart of downtown, it offers modern amenities, comfortable rooms, and is within walking distance of many attractions.
  • Hilton Anchorage: Conveniently located in downtown Anchorage, it features spacious rooms, an on-site restaurant, and is close to shops and restaurants.
  • Copper Whale Inn: A charming atmosphere with a historic feel, offering cozy rooms and a convenient downtown location near the waterfront.

Activities in Anchorage

  • Chugach State Park: Explore the stunning Chugach Mountains with numerous hiking trails, wildlife viewing, and opportunities for outdoor adventures like skiing and snowboarding in the winter.
  • Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center: Located nearby in Portage, this center offers a chance to see Alaska’s native animals up close, including bears, moose, and bison.
  • Tony Knowles Coastal Trail: Enjoy a scenic walk or bike ride along this 11-mile coastal trail offering breathtaking views of the Cook Inlet, the city skyline, and opportunities to spot wildlife like eagles and beluga whales.
  • Anchorage Museum: Delve into Alaska’s history, art, and culture at this museum in downtown Anchorage, featuring engaging exhibits and a planetarium.
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center: Learn about the state’s indigenous cultures, traditions, and history through interactive displays, demonstrations, and cultural performances.
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Getting to Denali ATV Adventures

Estimated Drive Time: 5-6 Hours

To embark on your thrilling Denali ATV tour from Anchorage, head north on the George Parks Highway (AK-3) for approximately 238 miles.


As you approach the Denali National Park entrance, watch for Milepost 238 and Denali Boardwalk, which marks the location of Denali ATV Adventures. Upon arrival, the friendly team at Denali ATV Adventures will be ready to greet you and help you prepare for your upcoming tour.


Alternatively, there are also flight options available from Anchorage to Denali National Park and Preserve, which significantly shorten the travel time to around 1 to 1.5 hours, providing an aerial perspective of the stunning landscape below. Regardless of the mode of transportation chosen, the trip from Anchorage to Denali National Park promises unforgettable experiences and unparalleled natural beauty.


Planning your trip to Denali just got easier! Our Plan Your Trip hub has everything you need to know, from where to stay and what to eat, to tips on how to get here and when is the best time of year to visit. Start planning your perfect trip now!