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Denali ATV Adventures offers 4 unique Denali ATV tours in the Denali backcountry! Our goal on every tour is to provide you with the best experience while visiting the Denali area. We love the Alaskan wilderness and can’t wait for the opportunity to share it with you!

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Fun adventures for all ages & skill levels
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What You’ll Ride

Single Rider Kodiak ATV
1-2 rider Wolverine SxS ATV
3 rider Viking SxS ATV
Wolverine X4
4 rider Wolverine X4 SxS ATV
Viking VI Crew
5-6 rider Viking VI Crew SxS ATV


Guided Denali ATV Tours

2.5 hour Denali Wilderness Adventure

This ATV ride in the Alaskan wilderness is suitable for all ages and skill levels! It’s our most popular tour option with 5 daily departures.

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3.5 hour Denali ATV Adventures Trailblazer

With Denali ATV Adventures, get out and ride in the Alaskan Boreal Forest! This tour is the longest ATV ride in the Denali area and departs at 10 am daily.

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2.5 hour Midnight Sun

Denali ATV Adventure

Land of the Midnight Sun and all-night fun! This night time Denali ATV adventures ride departs at 9 pm in the weeks surrounding the Summer Solstice!

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Adventure Denali

ATV Explorer

With Denali ATV Adventures, explore the Alaska back country at your own pace and skill level! Our private tour with your choice of tour length and departure time.

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We saw and did a whole lot of amazing things while on our trip to Alaska. This, by far, was the most purely fun activity on our itinerary. My back was really bad so we did the Side by Side ATV, but it was still really fun. Muddy trails, gorgeous sights, just all around fun in the fresh air. We would definitely do a longer trip next time (we only did 2.5 hours). I could have done a full day and not gotten tired of the experience. Guides were really nice guys, and the group was nice and small. Piper, Minnesota (via TripAdvisor)
Our time with Denali ATV Adventures was incredible! The guides were friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced. The views were plentiful, unique and vast. And the intensity level of the activities was perfect, any healthy adult willing to get just a little dirty could have a great time on this trip (I only got a little mud on my pant legs and one of our group came away with less than dry socks). These folks DESERVE 5 stars especially our guides Tyler, Chris, and Jane. Even the bus driver, Bob, gave insightful commentary about the landscape and history of the area on the way over. I hope we all get the chance to go again someday. Luke (via Google)
What an amazing part of our trip! It was so beautiful driving through the terrain in the side by side ATVs. Chris, Clay, and Tyler did an amazing job explaining the history of the mountains and took us to the best places. We got beautiful pictures and had an amazing time getting all muddy. This is a must when visiting Denali! Briana (via Facebook)
This was by far my favorite thing I did in Denali! The guides Jeff and Jessie made this trip! They were fun and knowledgeable; the course was scenic and bumpy! Hands down well worth the money! We did the Solstice tour and loved the late night light. Kari, Washington (via TripAdvisor)
My lady and I had an excellent time! These guys were phenomenal. Such a good experience, and the first side-by-side ATV that we have ever been on. It was a fantastic experience with a lot of bumps, a little water and a ton of laughs! This is one of the most popular attractions in the area, so I would highly advise you book a couple months in advance. Aaron, Georgia (via Yelp)
We had a great time on this tour! We had a private tour…. Zack and Chris were fantastic and shared a lot of their knowledge with us along the way. They really accommodated what we were interested in doing. I highly recommend this trip just for the views! We really enjoyed it guys… thank you! Emily, Texas (via TripAdvisor)
We just tried this atv adventure today there was 9 adults we all had side by sides and the staff was very knowledgeable, helpful and fun to be with! The riding was more fun than I thought it would be! We all had a great time and we were not afraid to get dirty and keep up a quick pace which we did! The trails were fun and the views were great! Definitely recommend!! Matt (via Google)
This was definitely the highlight of the trip to Denali. Bob the van driver, gave an informative talk on the way to the staging area. Our guides, Wes and Jeremy were terrific! They provided plenty of attention during the rides and gave plenty of details when we stopped to take in the sights. Thought the pace of the 2 hour ride was perfect and with some water running through Dry Creek, plenty of opportunity to get wet and muddy! Rob, California (via Yelp)
ATV tour was great! The views are amazing and our guides Jenna and Joey were very knowledgeable about the environment and lands that we were on. Our family had a blast! I would recommend this tour for anyone visiting the Denali area. Tracey (via Google)
We signed up for a private tour and ended up having the guide drive us as we were not interested in speed, mud or getting drenched. Our guide was gracious and said that she really enjoyed having a chance to just mosey around and enjoy the views. We enjoyed the ability to be close to the land and to see it up close but without the need to hike as our old joints no longer allow that. So, for those who want the typical ATV excursion, we saw lots of grins on the faces of those who did that. For us, the ATV excursion of a different type was perfect. Terry, Maryland (via TripAdvisor)

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