9:45 AM & 5:45 PM
(Tour is offered 5/26/14 - 9/12/14)
Get out and ride in the Alaskan bush! Spend more time on the trail and go further into the Denali Wilderness
than any other off-road vehicle tour.  Retrace the fateful steps of 24 year-old Chris McCandless on the famed
Stampede Trail, as recounted by the book and movie Into the Wild.  View the vast tundra sweeping up to
majestic Mt. McKinley (weather permitting).  Hang on tight as the trail narrows and you bounce through
“Bobblehead,” a water-filled bog of bumpy ups and downs.  Slice through high brush near the trail, splashing in
and out of a creek bed, finally arriving at a rustic campsite where your guides will prepare a hearty campfire
snack.  Relax among the spruce trees and enjoy conversation with the guides and other guests about the
unique experiences in Denali.  Additional stops are made during the tour when wildlife is spotted.  On
smoother portions of the trail, speeds can reach 30-40 mph.  
Single ATV:
(1 Driver)
Side by Side ATV:
(1 Driver & 1 Passenger)

4 hours from pick-up to drop-off.
Approx. 20 miles round trip.
Single ATV: advanced
Side by Side ATV: beginner
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*Side by Side ATV prices are based on double
occupancy, regardless of 1 or 2 riders.
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Please visit our Tour Policies page for information regarding what wear and bring; payments,
cancellations, and tour changes; pick-up and check-in policies; restrictions and other policies.
Single ATVs are limited & for very experienced
riders only due to difficult trail & riding conditions.
This tour does not go out to the Stampede Bus. Furthermore, Denali ATV will not take anyone to the Bus or
advise anyone wishing to travel to the Bus. The journey to the Bus is very dangerous and Denali ATV does not
recommend hiking, biking, or ATVing there without the proper experience, training, survival skills and gear, and
knowledge of the area. The only safe way to visit the Bus is by chartering a helicopter.
Please contact
ERA Helicopters for more information.